Kohl Selects 28-Year Veteran Firefighter Terry Anderson To Lead Fire Department

Fire Department, Mayor's Office

Veteran firefighter Charlie Fraker to serve as assistant fire chief

Martinsville, Ind. – November 29, 2015 – As her first department head appointment and in line with her promise to bring fresh leadership, renewed strength and innovative ideas to Martinsville, Mayor-Elect Shannon Kohl has chosen Captain Terry Anderson to lead the Fire Department.

“Our department heads will serve Martinsville residents, our administration and their respective departments. Much will be expected of them on a daily basis, so our selection process is very thorough and rigorous,” Kohl said.

“We are working hard to ensure those chosen for these positions match our expectations for providing continuous leadership and progress in the coming four years. I am confident Captain Anderson will do a great job as fire chief to elevate the Martinsville Fire Department to the level it needs to be to serve our constituents well.

“I look forward to working with Terry and Firefighter Charlie Fraker in his new role as assistant fire chief to make our fire department the best in the state,” Kohl said.

A lifelong Martinsville resident, career firefighter for the past 28 years and a volunteer firefighter for 10 years prior to his full-time service, Anderson pursued being a member of the incoming Kohl administration to help improve the Fire Department and strengthen the city.

“Mayor-Elect Kohl has made it clear her goal is not to better her own career, but to better Martinsville. I want to help her accomplish that goal by building a stronger fire department that functions as a cohesive unit and not simply as individuals,” Anderson said.

“With my 38 years as a firefighter combined with Charlie Fraker’s nearly 20 years experience, we will focus on increasing the training and education of our fire team to strengthen our service to the community. It’s our responsibility to provide our expertise and the best possible resources to those we serve,” Anderson said. “To ensure our Department remains strong, we need to create talented team players within our ranks who can step into leadership roles in the future.”

A lifelong Martinsville resident and full-time member of the Martinsville Fire Department since 2011, Fraker served as a firefighter for White River Township from 2005 – 2011. He began his fire career as a paid-per- call (reserve) firefighter for Martinsville in 1997.

According to Fraker, he wants to use his new role as assistant fire chief to help move the Martinsville Fire Department into the future.

“The fire service changes every day, so it’s critically important to create a culture where we are staying on top of those changes and training our staff in the most current methods to protect their health and safety while providing the best service we can to Martinsville residents and business owners,” Fraker said. Anderson will take over leading Martinsville’s 20 full-time career firefighters and two paid-per- call (reserve) firefighters on January 1, 2016.

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor-Elect Kohl at 765-318- 2763.