Kohl Selects 40-Year Law Enforcement Veteran Rick Lang As New Police Chief

Mayor's Office

Veteran police officer Matt Long to serve as deputy chief

In keeping with her promise to bring fresh leadership, renewed strength and innovative ideas to Martinsville, Mayor-Elect Shannon Kohl has selected 40-year law enforcement veteran Rick Lang as the City’s new police chief.

“Public safety is job number one with this priority as one of our building blocks in our 100-Day Plan. Our residents and business owners deserve the best public safety services and resources we can provide. “Given the critical role the police chief serves, our selection process for this position was rigorous. With Rick’s 40 years of law enforcement background, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise that will benefit our entire community.

“In addition to his fresh perspective, Rick has significant knowledge about our community, having been assigned to Morgan County for the Indiana State Police for 20-plus years prior to serving as the investigator for the Hendricks County Prosecutor’s Office,” Kohl said. “I am looking forward to working with Rick and Sergeant Matt Long in his new role as deputy police chief to improve the safety and security of our city while making the Martinsville Police Department the best in Indiana.”

A Morgan County resident for 37 years, Lang pursued a leadership role in the incoming Kohl administration to make a positive difference for the community.

“My dad instilled in me the importance of always working to improve myself and my surroundings. I believe Mayor-Elect Kohl wants to do exactly the same thing. She is committed to improving Martinsville in many and various ways. I want to be a part of that effort.

“I want to create an atmosphere of partnership with the community we serve; solving our crime problems and public safety issues together. That partnership extends to federal, state and local law enforcement departments, courts, the prosecutor’s office and virtually all agencies who remotely touch our police department so we can achieve our goal of keeping our community safe,” Lang said.

According to Long, a lifelong resident and 11-year department veteran, he is looking forward to working in tandem with Lang to improve the community’s public safety services and implement the safety-related concepts outline in the Kohl administration’s 100-Day Plan.

“Mayor-Elect Kohl has the best interest in mind of those we serve and protect as well as our community as a whole. I am focused on helping to reunite the Police Department, continuing to tackle the drug problem in our city and working to build better relationships with our residents,” Long said.

Lang will take over leading Martinsville’s 23 full-time police officers and 13 reserve officers on January 1, 2016.

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor-Elect Kohl at 765-318- 2763.