City Pool Opening Delayed Until Week Of June 6

Department of Parks and City Properties

Kohl administration committed to resolving recently discovered maintenance issue

A filter problem allowing sand into the Jimmy Nash City Park pool recently discovered by new Parks Department staff means a new filter system and water testing have to happen before the pool can open for the summer season.

According to Department of Parks and City Properties Director Brad Bales, the pool was all set to open when staff noticed sand in the pool and it was discovered the filters installed in 2002 had never been serviced. “We took the lids off the filters and had Spear Corporation sump pump out the sand. The baffles on the filters had deteriorated, allowing sand to come through. The new filter system we ordered can backwash properly and should last 20-25 years.

“Rather than do a band-aid approach that would have cost several thousand dollars and possibly give us another problem down road this summer, we went with a long-term, known fix that will last us several years. We believe that’s the responsible approach for the community and while no one wants the pool opening to be delayed, it’s better we install a new filter system that will last long-term,” Bales said.

Once the new filter system is installed, the pool will be functional by Wednesday, June 1, but then City officials must wait one week for the State to conduct water testing, meaning the pool will not open until some time the week of June 6. A specific date will be announced as soon as it is known. Mayor Shannon Kohl emphasized the Parks team is working hard to make the needed repairs so the pool can open as soon as possible.

“While the many structural and water quality issues we discovered upon taking office have been challenging, we are on top of them and working to solve these problems as quickly and efficiently as possible to continue moving forward with this great recreational amenity for our City and our residents.

“Safety always is our top priority, so while we acknowledge it would have been ideal to open the pool this coming weekend, we must perform our due diligence in making sure the pool is completely stable. That is our responsibility to our residents and one we take very seriously,” Kohl said.

For questions or interview requests, contact Bales at 765-342- 3155.