Demott Promoted To Director Of Public Works

Public Works Department

Continuing to focus on residential service and team efficiencies, Mayor Shannon Kohl has promoted Street Department Assistant Craig DeMott to Director of Public Works effective immediately.

“Over the past seven months, Craig has repeatedly demonstrated his leadership and proactive problem solving abilities leading the Street Department. Given former Director of Public Works Frank Lane’s decision to return to operating the transfer station, the opportunity presented itself to allow Craig to oversee the Water, Sanitation and Street Departments.

“Our administration follows the practice of rewarding outstanding performance whenever possible. Craig will continue to work well with Water Department Assistant Scotty Manley and Sanitation Department Assistant Dallas Tincher who do a great job within their own areas of operation. Together, their skills and experience make for a very strong team, now led by Craig,” Kohl said.

A lifelong Martinsville resident, DeMott had been serving as Street Department assistant since August 2014, leading the Department’s 19 employees.

“Our team has worked hard to move the Department in the right direction to provide the level of service our residents need and deserve. Each day we are focused on improving the appearance of Martinsville because the cleanliness of a community says a great deal about what we have to offer and about the residents who live here.

“The same goes for all of our utilities. While Water and Sanitation may not be as visible, they are equally important in keeping properties and facilities in working order and our residents’ quality of life secure. Overall for each of our utilities, we are working to improve our communications with residents to share timely information with them about our services,” DeMott said. “I encourage residents to call me at 342- 7800 with any questions or concerns.”

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor Kohl at 342-2861 or DeMott at 342-7800.