Ferran Appointed To Lead Christmas Lights Committee

Department of Parks and City Properties

16-year event veteran appointed by Mayor

With the Parks Department now an official City department, the Christmas lights committee structure has been reformatted with 16-year event veteran Robin Ferran appointed by Mayor Shannon Kohl to lead the group.

“The City Council’s recent decision to bring the Parks Department under the administration’s umbrella as an official City department meant the structure and activities of the Christmas lights committee needed to be realigned.

“Due to personal family commitments, Robin had to take a leave from the project last year. I am so pleased she’s back to provide her many years of experience and expertise to this important holiday project that so many in Martinsville and around the area enjoy,” Kohl said.

“An invitation has been extended to the members of the Winter Wonderland group who took care of the Christmas lights last year. We are grateful for their hard work and caring dedication and hope they want to serve alongside us. We have an exciting mission to execute as a team and I’m looking forward to creating an outstanding Christmas lights display for the whole community to enjoy,” Ferran said.

In addition to Ferran, Darrell Anderson with Duke Energy will serve as vice-chair, City Councilor Ben Merida, Tom Hacker, Mike Asher, Parks Department and City Properties Director Brad Bales and Parks Department Office Manager Tammy Brummett will serve as members along with any members of the Winter Wonderland group who choose to be on the committee. Two representatives from the Mayor’s soon- to-be- formed Youth Council will be chosen to serve as well to provide the youth voice on the group.

The group’s initial tasks will be to decide on an official committee name and define their plan of action for the coming months.

For questions or interview requests, contact Ferran at 765-315- 9876 or Mayor Kohl at 765-342- 2861.