Martinsville Common Council – February 6, 2017 Meeting Minutes

City Council

Mayor Shannon Kohl called the Martinsville Common Council to order on Monday, February 6, 2017. Councilman Ben Merida then led those in attendance in opening prayer followed by the Mayor’s leading attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.



  • Shannon Kohl, Mayor
  • Terry Buster, District 1
  • Ben Merida, District 2
  • Mike Lanam, District 3
  • Chip Keller, District 4
  • Phil Deckard II, District 5
  • Eric Bowlen, Councilman-at-Large
  • Kris Fuller, Councilman-at-Large
  • Troy Swan, City Engineer
  • Dale Coffey, City Attorney
  • Craig DeMott, DPW
  • Terry Anderson, Fire Chief
  • Matt Long, Chief of Police
  • Lachell Mauer, Assistant Chief of Police
  • Valerie Hugart, Clerk-Treasurer
  • Rebecca Tumey, Acting Clerk Treasurer

A quorum was declared present.


A motion was made by Councilman Eric Bowlen to waive the reading of the minutes from the January 17, 2017 and to accept the minutes as written. This was seconded by Councilman Kris Fuller. Councilman Chip Keller abstained due to absence. The Motion passes 6-0.


Mayor Kohl announced the Youth Council will be sworn in on February 21st, for a period of two years. Also, City workers have been busy cleaning alleys and grading them.

Dale Coffey, City Attorney –Mr. Coffey reported the progress over the last year concerning ordinances that cover trash, abandoned vehicles, etc. These types of ordinances are being invoked by Bob Gilbreath, Code Communication Officer. This is a part-time position. Coffey reported an 85% compliance by citizens when violations are brought to their attention. His goal for 2017 includes re-codifying all City Ordinance. This could be completed by this fall.




Ordinance 2017-1739/Animal Waste Ordinance – A brief discussion regarding enforcing this ordinance on animals running at large. City Attorney Dale Coffey reminded everyone to call the Morgan County Humane Society for assistance, as the City has a contract with the MCHS. The Council went on and had the first reading of this ordinance. The Ordinance is scheduled to be adopted on February 21, 2017. It will become enforceable after publication in the Reporter-Times.

Water and Sewer Tap Fee Modification – City Attorney Dale Coffey and Councilman Ben Merida took this project over from former Councilman David Trout. (Trout resigned in late 2016 because he moved outside City limits) It is recommended water tap fees to be $700.00 per residential hook-on in new subdivisions; that sewer hook-on fees be $1,500.00 per residential hook-on in new
subdivisions, for a total of $2,200.00. This is being proposed after checking with other cities and towns and with area contractors. Older, established residential areas will be charged $3,500.00. Current rates are $4,800.00. Coffey will present an ordinance at the next Council meeting.

Fire Chief Terry Anderson / new Fire truck purchase -Chief Anderson reported a committee had been formed within his department to explore purchasing a new ladder truck. The committee has selected a custom-built truck that will be built in Ocala, Florida. He explained the truck will be more maneuverable on City streets, it will allow firemen to operate the unit remotely while on scene, it will have larger water capacity, and a generator will not be needed as it will be equipment with LED lights. The cost of the truck is $778,778.00. Chief Anderson presented two financing options. One for 7 years and one for 10 years. Both offer a prefund discount of $23,745.00. Payments will be semi-annual and will be paid from Cum Cap Development Fund. Funding is already in place for the 2017 payments and will be budget items in the future. A motion to allow the purchase was made by Councilman Ben Merida and seconded by Councilman Terry Buster. A show of right hands raised, resulted in a 7-0 vote for acceptance. Delivery is expected in October 2017.

Wisdom of wooden public are Initiative – Rediscover President Joanne Stuttgen and Ben Rawlins gave a presentation on applying vinyl graphics to traffic boxes in the City. Two preliminary designs were shown. Concepts were by Dan and Sam Baldwin, and Joyce Brinkman. There will no cost to City for this project. Funding is provided by two grants. Ms. Stuttgen and Mr. Rawlins asked for the City’s blessing to move forward on this project, and it was granted. Citizen Cecelia Kreft opposed the projects saying she thought the artwork would create traffic hazards.

Mayor Kohl and the Council congratulated the Lady Artesians for winning the Basketball Sectionals.


A motion to accept the claims as reported was made by Councilman Eric Bowlen. Councilman Phil Deckard II seconded the motion. The Motion passes 6-0. The following abstentions are noted and will be in effect throughout 2017: Councilman Chip Keller on claims from Keller’s Office Supply; Councilman Kris Fuller on claims from Boren, Oliver and Coffey; and Councilman Terry Buster on claims from Towne View Auto Clinic.


There being no further business, Councilman Terry Buster made the motion to adjourn. This was seconded by Phil Deckard II. The motion passes 7-0.