Martinsville Common Council – February 21, 2017 Meeting Minutes

City Council

Mayor Shannon Kohl called the Martinsville Common Council to order on Tuesday, February 21,
2017.Councilman Ben Merida then led those in attendance in opening prayer followed by the
Mayor’s leading attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.



  • Shannon Kohl, Mayor
  • Terry Buster, District 1
  • Ben Merida, District 2
  • Mike Lanam, District 3
  • Chip Keller, District 4
  • Phil Deckard II, District 5
  • Eric Bowlen, Councilman-at-Large
  • Kris Fuller, Councilman-at-Large
  • Troy Swan, City Engineer
  • Dale Coffey, City Attorney
  • Craig DeMott, DPW
  • Terry Anderson, Fire Chief
  • Matt Long, Chief of Police
  • Lachell Mauer, Assistant Chief of Police
  • Valerie Hugart, Clerk-Treasurer
  • Rebecca Tumey, Acting Clerk Treasurer

A quorum was declared present.


A motion was made by Councilman Eric Bowlen to waive the reading of the minutes from the February 6, 2017 and to accept the minutes as written. This was seconded by Councilman Phil Deckard II. The Motion passes 5-0. The Minutes of the Special Meeting for February 13, 2017 was tabled until the next meeting.


Mayor Kohl welcomed area students that are a part of the Mayor’s Youth Council. She then invited those students to the front of Council Chambers where they were sworn in. Also, Mayor Kohl announced the award the Chief Terry Anderson and the Fire Department just received. The recognition from the Indiana Traffic Management, thanked the Department for their outstanding performance of traffic control during the Hazmat spill in June of 2016. Today alone, the Fire Department responded to three medical runs and one fire assist at Paragon.


ORDINANCE 2017-1739 / RESTRICTING DOG WASTE WITHIN THE CITY – City Attorney Dale Coffey reminded everyone this is the second reading of this ordinance. It will become law upon publication in the Reporter-Times. A motion to accept and allow the ordinance was made by Councilman Kris Fuller and seconded by Councilman Mike Lanam. The Motion passes 5-0.

WATER AND TAP FEE MODIFICATION – City Attorney Dale Coffey suggested this item be tabled.

ARTESIAN LITTLE LEAGUE DISCUSSION – City Attorney Dale Coffey is working on the renewal of the lease for the Artesian Little League for the field on West Cunningham Street (this is also the site of one of our well fields). Coffey assured all the League is stable and in good solid ground. Their treasurer contacted Coffey regarding the lease and the fencing. Three fences need to be replaced. The ALL is asking the City to replace/repair one fence and they can replace/repair a second. That will leave one fence to address next year. The ALL has a commitment from a landscaping business for trash removal, mowing and weed control. Further, the ALL will allow Public use of the fields when not in their use. Contingent upon liability insurance being resolved, a motion to repair/replace one fence was made by Councilman Ben Merida. Councilman Phil Deckard II the motion. The Motion passes 5-0.


2016-2017 CITY INSURANCE SAVINGS – Mayor Kohl reported she had “shopped” the City’s Liability and Worker’s Comp coverage for 2017. She obtained quotes from Morgan Insurance of Martinsville and Mayfield Insurance in Mooresville. By doing this, Mayor Kohl has saved the taxpayer over $108,000.00.

ORDINANCE 2017-1740 JIMMY NASH CITY PARK MODIFICATION OF SPEED LIMIT – Brad Bales and his staff at the JNCP is concerned about the speed limit. The current posted speed limit is 15m.p.h. – that is too fast with children and animals in the area. The proposed limit shall be 10m.p.h. Those that speed will be cited into Martinsville City Court and will be subject to a fine of $150.00 per occurrence.

Older, established residential areas will be charged $3,500.00. Current rates are $4,800.00.

Coffey will present an ordinance at the next Council meeting.

CITY WIDE AMBULANCE DISCUSSION / DONNIE WARREN –Emergency Management director Donnie Warren appeared to ask the City to consider an inter-local agreement for ambulance service. There will be no cost to the City and there will be up to 5 ambulances available. Warren told the Council that if our current provider should pull-out, his organization is ready to step in. A timeline to implement the start date will be prepared.

ORDINANCE 2017-1737 /RIVERBOAT FUND – The Council has agreed in January 2017, to allow an additional appropriation to fund repairs at the Jimmy Nash City Park. The ordinance to allow this was presented for official vote and signatures. A motion to allow the additional appropriation was made by Councilman Ben Merida and seconded by Councilman Mike Lanam. The Motion passes 5-0.

ORDINANCE 2017-1738 / AMENDING THE 2017 SALARY ORDINANCE – This item was tabled until clarification is made regarding the hours for the Code Enforcement Officer.

MARTINSVILLE FIREFIGHTERS LOCAL 4214 /AARON FRAKER – Firefighter Aaron Fraker reported the State has reduced the PERF contributions by 2.2%. He asked that the City make up the difference. The Council agreed to contact the City’s financial advisors, Reedy Financial Group to explore the possibility.

Councilman Phil Deckard II asked why the picnic tables at the Jimmy Nash City Park are not out. Brad Bales explained they have been put in storage to reduce wear from the winter. He also said four tables are out and that his staff will place the remaining tables as weather cooperates. Also, Bales reported the “General Store” at the JNCP is at the drywall stage.


A motion to accept the claims as reported was made by Councilman Eric Bowlen. Councilman Mike Lanam seconded the motion. The Motion passes 5-0.


Citizen Cecelia Kreft expressed her displeasure regarding her business neighbor on South Jefferson Street. Tensions have increasing due to an employee of the Fire House Pub, hitting Ms. Kreft’s vehicle.

City Attorney Dale Coffey issued a statement regarding Cytox – this is the business the Council has helped to grow. Cytox will be adding more employees to the existing team of one full-time and three part-times employees.


There being no further business, Councilman Eric Bowlen made the motion to adjourn. This was seconded by Phil Deckard II. The motion passes 5-0.