Martinsville Planning New Web Site Launch November 22

Mayor's Office

The City of Martinsville’s new Web site is set to be launched Wednesday, November 22 as a user-friendly, information-packed communications vehicle City official announced at tonight’s City Council meeting. The exact date and time of the launch is determined by the Indiana Office of Technology.

“Having worked with the creative team at Mediaryte on the development of our new site, I am pleased and proud to launch such a beautiful, user-friendly, feature-filled, information-packed Web site that will serve as everyone’s ‘go to’ information resource.

“As you have heard me say many times, communication and transparency are two foundations of our administration. This new Web site is a major tool in helping us communicate all kinds of information while providing consistent transparency and showcasing Martinsville as a great place to live, work and visit.

“This site represents our community to our residents, our businesses and our visitors, including potential new corporate citizens as well as possible new homeowners. The site is a significant piece of our identity, both from an internal and external perspective. While a huge improvement from the existing site we inherited, our new site will constantly evolve with new and updated information about our City departments’ various programs and services along with our governing bodies’ meeting agendas and minutes,” Kohl said.

Other features of the new site include City news, a City calendar, a City directory, City map, multiple online forms that can be completed and submitted online for the convenience of residents, and a contact section for residents to reach City staff.

“A sure-to-be often used feature is the announcement bar at the top of the home page where the most current news will be provided, with a link to the corresponding news release sharing more details. This announcement bar has the capability of being green for notices, orange for warnings such as incoming weather and red for emergencies. The bar will be an easy, quick and invaluable way for Web site users to learn important, timely information,” Kohl said.

Martinsville’s new site is the first entity to utilize Mediaryte’s new version of their municipal government platform that combines the latest technology available for Web sites while ensuring the site is ADA-compliant and accessible for physically-challenged individuals who need to use screen readers and other user assistive devices.

According to Mediaryte owner Chris Risse, the responsiveness of the Web site is critically important.

“We create Web sites so they work on all devices – mobile and otherwise – so everyone visiting the site has the same experience and can find information no matter what device they use. This platform is designed for small municipal governments.

“Built from the ground up, we bring in the best software available while keeping costs low and functionality of the site high. Working as a partner with City officials, we understand budgetary limits and ensure our municipalities stay on top of the compliances required of them,” Risse said.

Currently, City officials are waiting to hear back from a representative from the Indiana Office of Technology regarding their requested November 22 launch date. Martinsville’s new Web site address and confirmed launch date will be announced in the coming days.

For questions or interview requests, contact Mayor Kohl at 765-342-2861.