has launched!

Mayor's Office

I am so pleased to share the City’s new and very-much improved, beautiful, user-friendly, feature-filled, information-packed Web site has launched! The new site at went live last Wednesday, November 22.

As I promised, our new site is designed to be everyone’s “go to” information resource and it does not disappoint! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I encourage you to do so. While browsing through the many sections of the site, you will see:

  • all kinds of information about our City departments’ programs and services
  • many news releases and mayoral statements found under City News
  • agendas and minutes from our 2017 Board of Public Works, City Council and other governing bodies’ meetings
  • a City calendar with upcoming meetings and events listed
  • multiple Web forms you can download and submit online quickly and easily
  • a City directory to find our City team members
  • a history of Martinsville and much more!

A unique feature of the Web site is our new announcement bar at the top of each page of the Web site. The bar is intended for use in three different ways (green bars are notices such as the most current news release, orange will be for warnings such as impending bad weather and red-colored bars will be for emergencies).

All you need to do is click on the brief information in the announcement bar and you will see more detailed information about that topic. Look for information in the bar to update frequently, so it will be a quick and easy way to learn what is the “latest and greatest” news.

As I often say, communication and transparency are two important foundations of our administration. This new Web site is a major tool in helping us communicate all kinds of timely information while providing consistent transparency and showcasing Martinsville as a great place to live, work and visit.

In addition to the site serving as a communications tool, it is part of our community branding – our identity – representing our community to our residents, businesses and visitors, including potential new corporate citizens as well as possible new homeowners.

In the true nature of highly-functioning Web sites, our new site will constantly evolve with fresh information about City news, various programs, services and events, along with our governing bodies’ meeting agendas and minutes.

We are especially pleased Martinsville’s new site is the first entity to utilize Mediaryte’s (our Web developer) new version of their municipal government platform combining the latest technology available for Web sites while ensuring the site is ADA-compliant and accessible for physically-challenged individuals who need to use screen readers and other user assistive devices.

The site will be very responsive and work on all devices – mobile and otherwise – so everyone can find information on it no matter what device they use. Check out the site and let us know what you think!