Mayoral statement on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Mayor's Office, News

Today, January 9, is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (LEAD), a day designed to recognize the often difficult and always dangerous jobs law enforcement officers nationwide face as they work to keep us safe.

I’ve shared many times in the past that here in Martinsville, we are very blessed to have an outstanding police force. Our officers are true public servants, dedicated to the community and residents they serve.

Sadly, we have seen an upswing across the country in negativity directed at law enforcement officials. Despite what is happening in some cities nationwide, we are a community filled with kind residents who have open, giving hearts, so I encourage everyone to continue showing support for our local police officers and Morgan County law enforcement officials.

To all our law enforcement officers, we thank you for your unwavering strength, courage, skill, professionalism and dedication. You have our gratitude and our support.

Today on Law Enforcement Appreciation Day (and every day for that matter), if you see a police officer, I encourage you to stop and thank him or her. Showing this simple act of gratitude and kindness is sure to brighten the day for both of you.

May God bless our public safety officials and our entire community,

Mayor Shannon Kohl