2017 Accomplishments – Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Wastewater treatment is a vital component to a well-operating community, with our team not only meeting, but exceeding all the permit requirements from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). When wastewater enters our plant’s structure, we have a 98% removal rate making us a key water quality facility for the protection of our public health.

We use micro-organisms to treat the water and UV light for disinfection. No chemicals are used so we are all about being green and working to ensure our water supply and environment are cleaner for our entire community. I am pleased to share our hard-working team’s accomplishments for 2017.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Dallas Tincher


  • Installed a new generator at the plant to replace a 50-year-old one.
  • Continued to meet state and federal compliance guidelines.
  • Continued training of employees for current and future licenses.
  • Implemented new budget planning.
  • Prepared for 2018 work at the plant.