Moving Forward in 2018

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As we move forward in 2018, I cannot help but look back at the last two years and reflect how quickly the time has gone. It does not seem possible that we are more than half-way through our first term. When I realize all that we have accomplished in such a short time, I am grateful for the strong leadership of all our department heads and staff members at all levels. Without them, we would not be where we are right now.

Running a city involves many moving parts. It is important that everything flows in just the right direction. It takes a lot of money to run a city. It is important that our department heads are diligent about keeping track of their spending and a close eye on their budgets.

I was very excited by the financial report that was given by our financial consultants at our last council meeting. In just two short years, we have managed to put the city in a much better place financially. According to the report, we have managed to underspend, by more than 5-percent, a $200,000 deficit budget that we inherited. According to Clerk Treasurer Becky Tumey, in 2017 we presented the first balanced budget since 2005. We managed to stay within our budget and added another 7.25 percent to our cash reserves at the end of 2017. That is huge for our community.

Even with this financial success of spending within our means, we still managed to buy two new waste hauling trucks that we desperately needed. We bought a new hot box for the street department, and repainted and fixed up the dilapidated Street Department Building and grounds. We repaired and fixed many broken storm drains and alleviated street flooding in some areas. We also repaired and replaced many sidewalks across town. We accomplished all of this without adding any burden to the taxpayers.

It is so rewarding to receive the many phone calls and letters from our citizens thanking us for fixing their sidewalks. Some have said they were on the list for as long as 18 years. We so appreciate the kindness and these communications always remind me why I love this community and the people here. Your support means so much to each of the many people involved in serving this community.

Even with all the success and the improvements we have made, we still have much more to do. We work diligently and daily to take care of the Martinsville citizens. We have much more infrastructure to repair, many more sidewalks to replace and many more roads to repave. In 2018 we plan to get even more work done then all the work we completed in 2017.

Running a city is not an easy job. It requires many hours, dedication and the right people. Martinsville is very fortunate to have such dedicated people, from the Street Department, the Water and Waste Water Department, the Fire Department, the Police Department, the Building Department, the Engineering Department, the Clerk’s office and the Mayor’s office. We are all 100% dedicated to make Martinsville the best it can be in 2018.

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