INDOT I-69 Section 6 Aesthetics Survey


The city of Martinsville and INDOT unveiled conceptual design elements for the Martinsville segment of I-69 Section 6, which starts just south of Indian Creek and ends one mile north of State Road 44. The design concepts include visual representations of an entrance monument, sound and retaining walls, and bridge and overpass elements.

“Until now the I-69 Section 6 Martinsville segment has been lines on paper, just design plans and highway maps,” said Martinsville mayor Shannon Kohl. “But today, because of the hard work of the Martinsville Aesthetics Task Force, we can actually visualize what parts of the highway will look like when it’s complete.”

The Aesthetics Task Force, all residents of Martinsville, have met regularly with the INDOT project team over the past four months to develop a package of aesthetic elements for the bridges, overpasses, sound walls and retaining walls in the Martinsville segment. The combination of brick and limestone features are unique along the southern portion of the I-69 corridor.

Andy Dietrick, INDOT (left), Mayor Shannon Kohl (center), Ben Rawlins, Martinsville Aesthetics Task Force spokesperson (right)

According to Kohl, there is still some aesthetics work left to do, and she called on the public to help with the selection of three final design elements: the texture of walls and barriers, the style of ornamental fencing and the type of ornamental lighting fixtures.

“For the next few weeks we’d like to gather public input, through an online survey, about three very important design elements that will help tie everything together,” said Kohl. “The survey is on the Section 6 portion of INDOT’s I-69 website, and it’s very easy to complete. We encourage everyone to go there, take a look at the aesthetics package and give us your opinion about textures, fencing and lighting.”

The online aesthetics survey can be found at

INDOT I-69 Section 6 Aesthetics Survey