Common Council Meeting Minutes – July 16, 2018

City Council, News

Mayor Shannon Kohl called the Martinsville Common Council to order on Monday, July 16, 2018. Councilman Ben Merida led the Prayer to those in attendance. Mayor Kohl then led the attendees in the Pledge of Allegiance.



  • Shannon Kohl, Mayor
  • Terry Buster, District 1
  • Ben Merida, District 2
  • Mike Lanam, District 3
  • Chip Keller, District 4
  • Phil Deckard II, District 5
  • Eric Bowlen, Councilman-at-Large
  • Kris Fuller, Councilman-at-Large
  • Josh Messmer, City Engineer
  • Anne Cowgur, City Attorney
  • Craig DeMott, DPW
  • Terry Anderson, Fire Chief
  • Matt Long, Chief of Police
  • Rebecca Tumey, Clerk Treasurer

A quorum was declared present.


A motion was made by Councilman Eric Bowlen to waive the reading of the minutes of July 2, 2018 and to accept the minutes as written.  Councilman Ben Merida seconded the motion.  The Motion passes 7-0.


Mayor Kohl reported she recently had a Youth Council meeting at Mr. Gatti’s.   She went to report that Bulk Trash week had gone very well and thanked the City workers that participated.  Mayor also reported work on the 2019 Budget has begun.




Morgan County Economic Corporation Development – Mike Dellinger commented that the City adding a full-time engineer is a great move.  He and City Engineer Josh Messmer will partner on special projects.  They are working to enlarge broadband services with the County and Schools.

Rediscover Martinsville – John Badger appeared to invite those interested to a RM meeting this Thursday at 6:00 p. m. at the Main Connection.  The purpose of the meeting is to get ideas for the Rediscover Martinsville.


Ordinance 2018-1778 / Knox Box – Fire Chief Terry Anderson requested this item be tabled.  A motion to table the ordinance was made by Councilman Eric Bowlen.  Councilman Kris Fuller seconded the motion.  The Motion passes 7-0.

Teamster 135 Contract – City Attorney Anne Cowgur opened the discussion by reminding the Council that the contract has been passed and ratified by the City employees.  Councilman Bowlen has questions regarding the way by-back sick days will be handled.  Historically, the Council has given all City employees the same benefits.  Cowgur explained there are business reasons to do this.  She said this Contract is for Union employees only.  The other City employees are a separate issue.  Council Fuller asked about the impact to the 2019 Budget.  Mayor Kohl stated the agreement is specifically for Union members.  Councilman Mike Lanam said he thinks “the cart has been put before the horse.”    Citizen John Badger was allowed to ask “why wasn’t the Council involved?’ To which Councilman Eric Bowlen stated Executive Sessions have taken place in the past, but not this time.  Bowlen requested an Executive Session be held with the Clerk and Reedy Financial attending.  A motion to table this item was made by Councilman Chip Keller with Councilman Kris Fuller seconding.  The Motion passes 7-0.


Resolution 2018-519 Transfer of Funds /  Police LOIT – Clerk-Treasurer Becky Tumey presented a resolution that would allow Police LOIT funds to be transferred from one major object to another.  There will be no additional burden to the taxpayer.  The amount to be transferred is $7,000.00.  A motion to accept and allow the resolution was made by Councilman Eric Bowlen.  Councilman Terry Buster seconded the motion.  The Motion passes 7-0.

Ordinance 2018-1780/ Additional Appropriation for Park Bond – This is the first reading of the proposed ordinance.  Action will occur on August 6, 2018.

Ordinance 2018-1781 /Additional Appropriation for General Obligation Bond 2014 – This is the first reading of the proposed ordinance.  Action will occur on August 6, 2018.

Ordinance 2018-1782 /Additional Appropriation for Redevelopment Bond 2014
– This is the first reading of the proposed ordinance.  Action will occur on August 6, 2018.

Mayor Kohl asked James Jump of Reedy Financial Group to explain what has been done regarding coding errors in the Clerk’s Office in the EDIT Professional Fees line.  Jump said the recoding isn’t errors, it just makes more sense to move various professional fee invoices to other funds.  Mayor Kohl said there are $140,000.00 in recoding to be done.  Clerk-Treasurer Becky Tumey reported the recoding has been completed. Further, the appropriation in question is now in the “black” by $2,000.00.  Tumey also said she is holding $90,000.00 is invoices because there are no funds to pay them.  Jump said that Tumey has the authority to with-hold payment is the budgeted amount has been exhausted.


A motion to accept the claims as reported was made by Councilman Terry Buster and seconded by Councilman Phil Deckard II.  The Motion passes 7-0.


Cecelia Kreft, 11 North Main Street asked when the Park Board would be recalled.  Mayor Kohl said there would be a meeting on Wednesday to do that.

John Badger reported on April 6, 2019, the Martinsville Candy Kitchen would be 100 years old.  He said his business brings a lot of tourism to our City.  He asked the Council to consider improving the alley where his business is located.

Thad Smith, 1940 East Morgan Street is a City employee.  He suggested the Union needs to be allowed to see all of the benefits other employees receive.  He has the Street Department works hard and that over-time has been cut.  He said his department gets all the “crap” jobs.  He said the City is losing employees and that some are looking for other jobs, including himself.

Ms. O’Dell appeared to share her concerns regarding people living in a structure that has no physical address.  She said the area she is concerned with has become a drug house.  She asked if there were utilities at the site. On the same property is an abandoned truck full of old tires.  She also expressed her concerns regarding 100 Hillview.  She said there are flooding problems.  Mayor Kohl will call Ms. O’Dell tomorrow after she speaks with Building Inspector Brian Love. 


There being no further business, Councilman Terry Buster made a motion to adjourn.  This was seconded by Councilman Kris Fuller.  The Motion passes 7-0.