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Martinsville, Ind. – Mayor Shannon Kohl received an invitation from Governor Eric Holcomb for the State of the State Address next week.

While not all Indiana mayors receive invitations, Mayor Kohl is honored to be invited back a second time to the State of the State Address by the Governor of Indiana.

“To receive another invitation speaks volumes to what we’re doing in Martinsville,” she said. “All the progress we’ve made and how much we are moving forward is starting to put us back on the map, in a good way!”

Throughout her time as mayor, Mayor Kohl made it her duty to forge as many partnerships across the State and in surrounding communities to aid in growing Martinsville. Governor Holcomb is one of those partnerships.

“We’ve made some significant improvements to our City, whether that be with our downtown revitalization or my hand in I-69 coming through our community,” she said. “It’s made such an impact that our State leaders, like Governor Holcomb, can’t ignore us.”

In 2018, Mayor Kohl welcomed Governor Holcomb to the City of Martinsville on two separate occasions – at the beginning of April and again in September.

“Continuing the partnerships and relationships I have with our leaders is top on my list,” Mayor Kohl said. “It’s provided us with several opportunities as a City, and at times, saved our community thousands of dollars.”

The 2019 State of the State Address is set for next Tuesday, January 15 at the Indiana Statehouse in Indianapolis.


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