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Martinsville, Ind. – The City of Martinsville was featured in the most recent issue of the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority “The Magazine.”

The revitalization of the downtown area in Martinsville is the subject of a spotlight article on Martinsville’s history and future.

Titled “Martinsville: Rooted in History, Embracing the Future,” the article shows the path the City has been on, starting with a conversation between Mayor Shannon Kohl and Craig Fenneman about her ideas and goals to revitalize the community she loves.

Fenneman, along with his wife Mary and Doug and Paula Molin, started the journey by purchasing two downtown buildings through the Artesian Group, LLC, but eventually purchased an additional 18 buildings in the downtown area.

“The Mayor’s ideas and goals for a revitalized downtown as outlined in her administration’s 100-Day and now 200-Day plans were right in line with our long-term goals for Martinsville,” Fenneman said in the article.

“We would not be doing these rehabilitation projects if it were not for Mayor Kohl’s and the City Council’s vision of an improved downtown and their support of and assistance for our efforts.”

The article highlights a need Mayor Kohl saw for Martinsville – senior housing – and another partnership that made this happen.

“Retreat at Mineral Springs can really be viewed as a catalyst for the downtown redevelopment,” Mayor Kohl said in the article.

“Much like Craig and Artesian, Flaherty and Collins has been an excellent partner. The work they did and the care they showed on the building was incredible. It also helped fill a major need in our city for residents 55 years and older.”

The article continued to cover the efforts Mayor Kohl and her administration have made to improve the City, such as an economic impact study for open comments for the construction of INDOT’s I-69 Section 6.

“We have known for years about the I-69 expansion,” Mayor Kohl stated in the article.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to positively impact our community. We want to make sure we get all we can.”

Items the City of Martinsville has received from INDOT include receiving nearly $11 million for the I-69 project and almost $1 million in Community Crossings grants.

Mayor Kohl notes in the IHCDA article the progress made and what it means for the community.

“The community has come a long way in a short period of time. We have stressed to our residents that this is not a ‘change,’ but rather we are preserving the great history of Martinsville.”

“Martinsville: Rooted in History, Embracing the Future” was published in the Winter Issue 2018 of IHCDA’s “The Magazine” and made available last week.

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