Notice of Special Meeting of the Board of Public Works of the City of Martinsville, Indiana

Board Of Public Works, News

Notice is hereby given that the Board of Public Works of the City of Martinsville (“the Board”), consisting of temporary Board members John Lilywhite, Tom Hacker, and John Marvel, appointed pursuant to Indiana code sections 36-4-9-8 and 36-4-11-29(a), will convene on Friday, May 10, 2019, at 10:30 AM at City Hall, 59 South Jefferson Street, Martinsville, Indiana, 46151, to conduct a special meeting.

The purpose of this special meeting is to determine, whether, pursuant to Indiana Code section 36-8-3-4(n), Matt Long should be placed on unpaid administrative leave until the disposition of pending criminal charges.

Dated this 8th day of May, 2019