Financial Statement from Clerk-Treasurer Rebecca J Tumey

Clerk Treasurer's Office, News

The City of Martinsville is spot-on regarding the 2020 Budget. Appropriations are holding at 79% unexpended. Typically, I encourage the departments to hold spending to about 8% per month. So, the City is a bit ahead. The City has no plans to request an early distribution of the spring settlement.

I have been in contact with Morgan County Auditor Dan Bastin. Bastin tells me he expects to release the spring settlement on time. I did ask if he thought there would be a significant shortage, to which he replied “no.” The City has no plans of applying for a loan with the Indiana Bond Bank.

Further, Mayor Costin, for the first time ever, has placed the City utility departments under a budget. Mayor Costin and his administration are diligently planning for upcoming maintenance, construction and improvements of the City utility infrastructure.