Board of Works and Safety Meeting Minutes – August 24, 2020

Board of Works and Safety, News



  • Kenny Costin Mayor
  • Kelly M. Bray, Board Member
  • Kris Fuller, Board Member
  • Rebecca J Tumey, Clerk-Treasurer
  • Dale Coffey, City Attorney


Mayor Costin presented the Minutes of Monday, August 10, 2020.  There being no objections, the Minutes were approved by unanimous consent


DRYWELLS / DRAINAGE – City Superintendent Mac Dunn distributed packets containing Requests for Proposals for drywell / drainage.  Dunn and Troy Swan, of HWC propose to install drywells in areas of the City that have no storm drains.  Cost per drywell is $2,600.00 for materials.  Dunn has asked for a minimum of 12 installations in the RFP.

NEPTUNE RADIO-READ WATER METERS – Dunn announced the City’s commitment to converting all water meters to radio-read meters.  The City began the conversion in 2016, with over 1,700 already installed.  Dunn reported that the City will be ordering meters every other month and City employees will attempt to install an average of 100 per month. Total commitment is approximately $182,000.00.


RESERVED PARKING / PROSECUTOR’S OFFICE – Police Chief Kurt Spivey reported a request has been made by the County Prosecutor to mark one parking space in front of their office as “reserved.” There being no action by the Board of Public Safety and Works, the request died.

STREET PAVING / RESURFACING – BID OPENING – City Engineer Gary Oakes assisted City Superintendent with opening the sealed bids.  The following bids were received:  E&B Paving; $399,838.01, Milestone; $367,078.00 and Wallace Construction, $365,783.63.  Troy Swan of HWC will assist with the review of the bids.  A decision will be made at the next meeting.


There being no objections, the following were approved by unanimous consent.

  1. 529 W. Dickson St., $192.55
  2. 909 E. Columbus St., $247.73


The next meeting is scheduled for September 14, 2020, 2020 at 6:30 p.m.


There being no further business, Mayor Costin declared the meeting adjourned.