Planning Commision Meeting Minutes – April 27, 2021

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The Martinsville Plan Commission was called to order by Chairman Tom Williams at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, April 27, 2021, in the Council Chambers of City Hall, Martinsville, IN.


Those members present were:

  • David Arnold
  • Katie Barnard
  • Gary Carrell
  • Melanie Foley
  • Ann Miller
  • Ben Rawlins
  • Marilyn Siderewicz, Secretary
  • Troy Swan
  • Tom Williams, Chairman

Absent:  Kevin Coryell and Jacob Kaufman

Also present:   

  1. Dale Coffey, Attorney
  2. Bob Strader, Building Inspector


MOTION:   A motion was made by Katie Barnard to approve the minutes of the March  23, 2021, Meeting.   David Arnold seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


  1. Docket #PC21-02005: Zoning Map Change from R-2 to PUD-E and Minor Plat Approval for the following parcels:  

            Parcel Number                          Legal Description

    55-09-34-357-001.000-021       S33 T12 R1E Pt E SE; S34 T12 R1E Pt W SW .20ac
    55-09-34-357-001-001-021       Lot Viola Minor Plat .23ac
    55-09-34-357-001.002-021       Lot 2 Viola Minor Plat .23ac

Property address location:  865 E. Harrison Street; Owner Richard L. Hammack; Drapalik Surveying & Engineering.  

Ross Drapalik made the presentation to the Plan Commission.   Mr. Drapalik stated that Mr. Hammack was requesting  the property be rezoned from R-2 residential to PUD-E to allow for the construction of condominiums.   He further said that the condominiums would be occupied by their respective owners.    Each unit will be about 1,900 square feet, and have one and a half stories in each structure.   Also, each condominium will have a detached two-car garage which will be accessed by an alleyway on the back end of the property.

Commissioner Ben Rawlins questioned about the density regarding storm drainage.

Mr. Drapalik said that the developer was not made aware of any concerns the city has on drainage in the area.


Resident, 810 E. Pike, was concerned about the drainage and access to each condominium.  He was also concerned about alley ownership.   However, he did welcome the condominiums.

Lola Standeford said the property is neglected  at this time and wonders how it will be kept in the future.    She further stated that the alley is now non-existent.

Mr. Drapalik said there would be a home-owners association once the construction is completed.   This would provide uniformity for the area.

Mr. Gary Oakes was in favor of the developer’s plans for the condominiums.   He said the off-street parking is good and the developer has had experience in building.

MOTION:   Troy Swan  made a motion to recommend to the Common Council approval for Zoning Map Change from R-2 to PUD-E and Minor Plat approval for the property located at 865 E. Harrison Street, as requested by Richard L. Hammack.    The motion was seconded by Ann Miller and passed unanimously.

MOTION:   Melanie Foley made a motion to vacate Viola lots 1 and 2 contingent on the favorable approval of the rezone by the Common Council for the future condominiums.   This motion was seconded by Ann Miller and passed unanimously.

  1. Martinsville Historic Downtown District: Requesting approval to place a new sign:  Flourish Gallery; property address:  88 E. Morgan Street; Legal Description: Lot 2 Blk 19 Original Plat; Parcel No. 55-09-33-462-016.000-021; owner – Kaleb Pope, Martinsville Arts Council.

Bill Pilot spoke regarding the sign.   He stated that the sign would be placed on the facade and centered over the door so that it can be seen easily.     This sign will replace the previously approved sign.

MOTION:   Ann Miller made a motion to approve the new sign requested by the Flourish Gallery, 88 E. Morgan Street.  This sign will replace the previously approved sign.   The motion was seconded by Melanie Foley and passed unanimously.

  1. Discussion of Ordinance regarding Cell Tower permit renewal fees.

Attorney Dale Coffey told the Plan Commission that the City of Martinsville has an ordinance on permitting for cell phone towers that some might consider confusing.    He noted that there is a $500 fee for a cell phone tower permit that is renewed every two years for structures within the city’s jurisdiction, including the buffer zone, or the land surrounding the incorporated city limits in which both the city and county have select regulatory say.

Mr. Coffey further said that the verbiage in the ordinance states the permits need to be renewed biannually.   This could have several meanings, and he felt the Commission would like to make changes to the ordinance.

MOTION:  Ann Miller made a motion to table this for further discussion at the next meeting when further information can be made available.    The motion was seconded by Ben Rawlins and passed unanimously.

NEXT MEETING:   The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Martinsville Plan Commission will be at 7:00 PM, Tuesday, May 25, 2021.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned with a motion made by Melanie Foley, seconded by Ann Miller, and passed unanimously.