Board of Works and Safety Meeting Minutes – August 9, 2021

Board of Works and Safety, News


Those members in attendance:

  • Kenny Costin Mayor
  • Kelly M. Bray, Board Member
  • John Lillywhite, Board Member
  • Rebecca J Tumey, Clerk-Treasurer
  • Dale Coffey, City Attorney 


Mayor Costin presented the Minutes of Monday, July 26, 2021.  By unanimous consent, the Minutes were approved.   Board member Kelly Bray abstained.


Traffic Study Regarding a 4-Way Stop at Harrison and Ohio Streets – Police Chief John Richards was asked to conduct a traffic study and report to the Board of Works later.

Resolution 2021-633 / Bond Proceeds of the RDC to purchase property from Red Brick Trading, LLC– A motion to accept and allow was made by Board member John Lillywhite.  Seconding the motion was Board member Kelly Bray.  The Motion passed 3-0.


There being no objections, the following were approved by unanimous consent.

  1. 259 W. Washington St.; $203.81
  2. 255 Robert Curry Dr.; $512.33


There being no further business, Mayor Costin declared the meeting adjourned.