Unsafe Building and Hearing Authority Meeting Minutes – July 21, 2021



Commissioner G. Thomas Gray called to order the regular scheduled meeting of the Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, July 21, 2021, in the Council Chambers of Martinsville City Hall.


Commissioner Gray conducted the roll call. The following were present: G. Thomas Gray, Board
Commissioner; Mike Lanam, Board Commissioner; Dwayne Metcalf, Board Commissioner; Bob Strader, Building Inspector; Isaac Tumey, Code Enforcement Officer; Charlie Fraker, City Fire Marshall, Mae Cooper, Administrative Assistant to the Building Inspector; Mac Dunn, City Superintendent; Kenny Costin, Mayor


The minutes from the June 16, 2021 meeting were reviewed. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Commissioner Mike Lanam and seconded by Commissioner Metcalf. Motion passed 3 – 0.


No one from the public signed in.


A) 960 E. Nutter St: The repair work on the outside of the house is complete and the house has been sided. Mae Cooper will send a “thank you” letter to the owner. Removed from the list.

B) 459 W. Morgan St: The certified letter sent by Attorney Coffey requesting the deceased owner’s son to attend the July 21st meeting was returned “unclaimed”. Attorney Coffey also sent the same letter by regular mail; it has not been returned. Tabled until the November meeting.

C) 139 S. Marion St: Code Enforcement Officer Tumey was told by the owner that the house was not taking on water. The owner has a contractor who will make the repairs to the guttering. Tabled until the September meeting.

D) 1029 E. Warren St: The building and debris left from the fire has been removed. The property was taken off the list.

E) 880 S. Main St: Inspector Strader recently spoke with the owner. He said he has plans to rehab the house on this property.

F) Old Morgan County Beverage Building at 189 W. Walnut St: The owner will have the broken windows repaired.


A) 371 W. Douglas St: Inspector Strader reported an electric permit was issued to repair the wiring; however, he has not yet been contacted to do an inspection. A follow-up letter will be mailed to the owner.

B) 441 N. Park Ave: Inspector Strader will contact the owner regarding the hole in the roof on the outbuilding. Discussion was tabled for 60 days.

C) 339 N. Henry St: Photos of the house were presented. Commissioner Gray, who has seen the property, stated the house is unfit for human habitation. Wells Fargo Mortgage Company is currently going through foreclosure proceedings on the property. Inspector Strader met onsite with the property manager hired by Wells Fargo. He discussed the deteriorated condition of the structure and said it needed to be taken down. A few days later Inspector Strader found a tarp had been placed on the roof. There has been no communication from the property manager or the mortgage company. Commissioner Metcalf made a motion to have Attorney Coffey send a 10-day demolition letter to the owner and to Wells Fargo Mortgage Company. Commissioner Gray seconded the motion. Motion passed 3 – 0

D) 609 N. Elliott Ave: The front porch roof is failing. Inspector Strader will investigate.

E) 260 W. College Ave: The property is in the process of being cleaned up after the garage fire.

F) 485 N. Grant St: Tabled until the November meeting.

G) 489 Morton Ave: Inspector Strader will send a repair letter.

H) 690 E. South St: Fire Marshall Charlie Fraker reported he was there on July 2, 2021 for an inspection but was unable to enter the structure. He spoke with maintenance man and emailed the operations manager for permission to inspect; neither has responded affirmatively. Commissioner Gray made a motion to have Attorney Coffey to obtain an Administrative Warrant for a full structural inspection. Commissioner Lanam seconded the motion. Motion passed 3 – 0

I) 389 N. Main St: Due to the scope of the work to be done on the multi-family structure, the owner is required to submit plans to State of Indiana for a Construction Design Release. He is currently looking for an architect.

J) 839 N. Main St: There has been no movement on making repairs to the house. Inspector Strader will contact the owner.

K) 1410 S. Catherine St: No repairs have been made to the house. The interior is in bad shape. Inspector Strader reported he was contacted today by someone interested in purchasing the property. He gave them the owner’s contact information.

L) Carmel Apple Mobile Home Park: Inspector Strader reported the mobile home park is under new ownership.


A motion was made by Commissioner Metcalf to adjourn. Commissioner Lanam seconded the motion.
Motion passed 3 – 0.