Board of Zoning and Appeals Meeting Minutes – August 24, 2021

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The Martinsville Board of Zoning Appeals was called to order by Chairman Ann Marvel at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, August 24,  2021, in the Council Chambers of City Hall, Martinsville, IN.


Those members present were:

President Ann Marvel:
Katie Barnard;  Secretary Marilyn Siderewicz;  Anna Elliott, Vice-Chairman; and Tom Hacker.

Also in attendance:
Bob Strader, Building Inspector
Dale Coffey, Board Attorney



A motion was made by Tom Hacker to approve the minutes of the July 27,  2021, Meeting.  This motion was seconded by Anna Elliott and passed unanimously.


A. Docket #BZA210114: Request variance to reduce front setback from 60’ to 20’ from the center of the road.  Address:   210 E. Sumner Avenue; PID #55-13-04-256-009.000-021; Legal Description:  Lot 8 Blk 6, Mitchell’s Addition; Owner – Kevin Clapper.  

Bob Strader, Building Director, reviewed the information concerning the request variance   for the property at 210 E. Sumner Avenue.

Mr. Kevin Clapper, owner of the property and who lives on East Sumner Avenue asked for the Board’s permission to build a structure in front of their house to store a vehicle that could not fit in their attached garage.

Board Attorney said there were two reasons the owner needed a variance – the garage was too close to the sidewalk and the accessory building would be located in front of the primary structure on his property, which would violate the city’s residential zoning ordinance.

Chairman Ann Marvel stated that she felt uncomfortable with the garage’s placement in front of the sidewalk.

Mr. Clapper said that he had seen other property owners put up such structures,   Board member Tom Hacker stated that this was not true.   Other board members agreed that this would not be desirable for the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

Attorney Coffey read the Findings of Fact which did not meet the requirements.


Tom Hacker made a motion to deny the request for variance to reduce the front setback from 60’ to 20’  from the center of the road at 210 E. Summer Avenue, Martinsville, IN, as requested by Kevin Clapper, since the request did not meet the Findings of Fact.  The motion was seconded by Marilyn Siderewicz and passed unanimously.




The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Martinsville Board of Zoning Appeals will be Tuesday, September 28, 2021, at 6:00 PM.


There being no further business, the meeting adjourned with a motion by Anna Elliott, seconded by Katie Barnard, and passed unanimously.