Common Council Meeting Agenda – December 13, 2021

Common Council, News

Call to Order

Roll Call

Opening Prayer & Pledge of Allegiance

Consideration of the Minutes

  1. Consideration of the Monday, November 22, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Mayor’s Comments

Public Hearing

  1. Wastewater/Drinking Water Program Grant Application
  2. Recovery Housing Program Grant Application

Staff Reports

  1. Fire Chief’s Report
  2. Police Chief’s Report
  3. Director of Planning & Engineering’s Report

New Business

  1. Consideration of Authorizing Resolution 2021-640 –Wastewater/Drinking Water Grant
  2. Consideration of Authorizing Resolution 2021-641 – Recovery Housing Program Grant
  3. Discussion of Buffer Zones
  4. First Reading of Ordinance 2021-0028 – Amendment to Martinsville Municipal Code Chapter 94: Zoning and Subdivisions Article 1: In General Section 94-5 General Definitions Garage Sale
  5. First Reading of Ordinance 2021-0029 – Amendment to Martinsville Municipal Coded Chapter 2; Administration Article 2: Revision to Section 2-63, Roll Call Votes Required
  6. First Reading of Ordinance 2021-0030 – Establishing the Hanna Farms Planned Unit Development District

Consideration of Claims

  1. Consideration of Claims Presented

Council Comments

Public Comment


Next Regular Meeting

  1. Next regular meeting will be on Monday, December 27, 2021 at 7:00 PM, Council Chambers