Common Council Meeting Minutes – November 22, 2021

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Mayor Costin called the meeting Martinsville Common Council to order on Monday, November 22, 2021. Councilman Phil Deckard Sr. led the prayer followed Mayor Costin leading the Pledge of Allegiance.



  • Kenny Costin, Mayor
  • Phil Deckard, District 1
  • Ben Mahan, District 2
  • Josh Ferran, District 3
  • Suzie Lipps, District 4
  • Phil Deckard II, District 5
  • Ann Miller, Councilwoman-at-Large
  • Jim Wisco, Councilman-at-Large
  • Dale Coffey, City Attorney
  • Rebecca Tumey, Clerk – Treasurer
  • Ben Merida, Deputy Clerk

A quorum was declared present.

No Council members participated electronically.  All Council persons were present.


Mayor Costin presented the Minutes of Monday, November 8 2021. to the Council. A motion to accept and allow the Minutes was made by Councilman Phil Deckard II.  Councilwoman Ann Miler seconded the motion. A roll call vote was taken resulting in “yays” from all Council members. The Minutes are approved 7-0.


Mayor Costin discussed Martinsville being “under construction” for the past year; I-69 at Ohio Street will be opened soon; and that the city is facing several more issues. Those issues include

Moving the office of the Clerk-Treasurer, a new Police Station, renovating City Hall and moving water operations from S. Mulberry Street. Mayor Costin also announced the city will be working with out-side counsel regarding over-time pay on an employee.


Ordinance 2021-0027 / Expenditures of CAARES Relief Fund Monies – A motion to accept and allow was made by Councilman Jim Wisco. Councilwoman Suzie Lipps seconded the motion. A roll vote resulted in ‘yay” votes from Deckard Sr.; Deckard II; Wisco; Lipps; Mahan and Ferran. Voting “nay” was Councilwoman Ann Miller. The Motion passes 6-1.


Mayor Costin presented the Claims.  A motion to accept and allow the Claims was made by Councilman Phil Deckard II, with Councilman Jim Wisco making the second.  A roll call vote resulted in the following:  voting “yay” were Council persons Deckard II, Deckard Sr.; Wisco and Lipps.  Voting “nay” was Council persons Miller, Mahan and Ferran.  The Motion passes 4-3.


Councilman Phil Deckard II asked to amend the agenda so that a resolution could be considered. The resolution would allow the Council to retain Ann Cowgur of Taft Law. A lengthy discussion resulted in Councilwoman making the motion to accept and allow Resolution 2021-639. Councilman Ben Mahan seconded the motion. A roll call vote resulted is “yay” from Council persons, Miller, Deckard Sr., Deckard II, Mahan and Ferran. Voting “nay” were Council persons Lipps and Wisco.  The Motion passes 5-2.


Citizen Cecelia Kreff expressed her beliefs of being “a Catholic pro-lifer.”

Mayor Costin wished a Happy Thanksgiving to all. He also issued a reminder about the upcoming Bobby Helms Christmas celebration on December 5, 2021.


There being no further business, Mayor Costin declared the meeting adjourned.