Common Council Meeting Minutes – March 14, 2022

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Mayor Costin called the meeting Martinsville Common Council to order on Monday, March 14,28, 2022. Martinsville Tabernacle Christian School Administrator Kenny Roll led the prayer followed by Mayor Costin leading the Pledge of Allegiance.



  • Kenny Costin, Mayor
  • Phil Deckard, District 1
  • Ben Mahan, District 2
  • Josh Ferran, District 3
  • Suzie Lipps, District 4
  • Phil Deckard II, District 5
  • Ann Miller, Councilwoman-at-Large
  • Jim Wisco, Councilman-at-Large
  • Dale Coffey, City Attorney
  • Rebecca Tumey, Clerk – Treasurer
  • Ben Merida, Deputy Clerk

A quorum was declared present.

All members were present.


Mayor Costin presented the Minutes of Monday, February 28 2022. to the Council. A motion to accept and allow the Minutes was made by Councilman Phil Deckard II. Councilwoman Ann Miller seconded the motion. The Minutes are approved 7-0.


Mayor Costin reminded everyone to speak into the mics.


Mayor Costin declared the week of March 14 – 20th as Martinsville Tabernacle Christian School Eagles Girls Varsity Basketball Week. The team has won the championship for the last four years. Mementos were given to each player and coaches.


  • A. Police Chief’s Report – Chief John Richards reported an upswing in department contact from 2021. 2022 January incidents were 533.
  • B. Fire Chief’s Report – Chief Kevin Greene reported January 2022 incidents are up slightly from January 2021. 76.86% of calls were for EMS calls, excludes vehicle accident with injury. Further, the department is up 109 runs from 2021.
  • C. Clerk – Treasurer’s Report – Clerk-Treasurer Becky Tumey recapped 2021. The Clerk’s staff processed 4,597 claims; processed nearly $51 million in revenue; disbursed $45.5 million in claims and managed $60 million in assets.


Council Appointee to the Fire Merit Board – This item was tabled until March 28th.


Surplus Funds of Fire Equipment – Fire Chief Kevin Greene requested the Council allow Clerk-Treasurer Becky Tumey to prepare an Additional Appropriation, in the amount of $2,500.00. This amount is from the sale of surplus fire equipment. It was agreed the AA will be presented at a later meeting and that Chief Greene can go ahead and order a gas meter.

Resolution 2022-0003 / Opt back into Opioids Settlement Pursuant to Indiana Code 4-6-15-2 – City Attorney Dale Coffey encouraged the Council to opt back into the settlement regarding opioids. The City will receive $163,283.67 less $14,205.68 in attorney fees from McKesson Corporation and $38,289.87 less $3,331.22 in attorney fees from Johnson and Johnson. A motion to accept and allow was made by Councilwoman Ann Miller. Councilman Jim Wisco. The Motion passes 7-0.

Consideration of Transfer of Parcels from Morgan County – City Attorney Dale Coffey presented a letter from Morgan County offering four parcels to the city at no charge. After a discussion, the Council agreed to take in Parcel No: 55-13-09-195-003.000-021 Doris M. Chandler Trust/Trustee. A motion to accept and allow was made by Councilman Phil Deckard. Councilwoman Ann Miller seconded the motion. The Motion passes 6-0-1. Councilman Jim Wisco abstained.

Ordinance 2022-0036 Amended and Restated Ordinance Establishing Hanna Farms Planned Unit Development District – Melissa Garrard of Forestar presented the ordinance for consideration. A motion to accept and allow was made by Councilman Jim Wisco. Councilwoman Suzie Lipps seconded the motion. The Motion passes 7-0.


Mayor Costin presented the Claims. A motion to accept and allow the Claims was made by Councilman Phil Deckard II. Councilman Phil Deckard Sr. seconded the motion. The Motion passes 7-0.


Drainage concerns regarding Hanna Farms were discussed. Director of Planning and Engineering Gary Oakes has a meeting on March 23rd and may have answers at the next meeting.


Cecelia Kreff and Betty Chamberlain made comments.


There being no further business, Mayor Costin declared the meeting adjourned.