Planning Commission Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2022

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In the absence of both the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, board member Katie Barnard called the Martinsville Plan Commission to order  at 7:00 PM on Tuesday, April 26, 2022,  in the Council Chambers of City Hall, Martinsville, IN.


Those members present were:

  • David Arnold
  • Katie Barnard
  • Rich Bastin
  • Gary Carrell
  • Marilyn Siderewicz, Secretary
  • Troy Swan
  • Rachel Tuttle

Those members absent were:

  • Rick Heacock
  • Ann Miller
  • Ben Rawlins
  • Tom Williams

Also present:

  • Bob Strader, Building Inspector
  • Dale Coffey, Attorney


MOTION:   A motion was made by Rachel Tuttle to approve the minutes of the March 22, 2022, Meeting.  David Arnold seconded the motion which passed unanimously.


  1. Docket #PC22005: Zoning map change from B2 to B3.  Address:  490 E. Morgan Street; Legal Description:  Lot 1 & 2 Blk 4 Cunningham’s lst Addn; PID #55-09-33-487-008.000-021; Owner:  Linda Luellen Crohn Living Trust – Janna Robison, Trustee.

Docket #PC22005, 490 E. Morgan Street was asked to be tabled until the next meeting.

MOTION:  Troy Swan made  a motion to table Docket #PC 22005, requesting a zoning map change from B2 to B3, address of 490 E. Morgan Street, until the next meeting of the Plan Commission.   This motion was seconded by Rachel Tuttle and passed unanimously. 

  1. Rod Stafford – Consultation for The Oaks at Lincoln, Section 2.

Rod Stafford made the presentation to the Plan Commission.   Drawings of the area in question were distributed to the members of the Plan Commission.   Todd Stafford was also present at the meeting.   Mr. Stafford stated they would like to modify The Oaks at Lincoln Subdivision.  

Approximately 20 years ago, the city Plan Commission approved 128 lots for the subdivision, but only 37 lots have been developed.  Now, instead of developing smaller and more lots, they would like to build fewer lots with more acreage and a connected private road.   They are looking to develop an additional 20 lots, varying in size from about 2 to 10 acres.   These lots would be on a private driveway instead of a public road system.   The private road would be built by the developer and maintained by a homeowners association.   There is already existing water and sewer access to the site.

Commission attorney Dale Coffey said the Staffords will have to return to the Plan  Commission for final approval.   The members of the Plan Commission were in agreement with the proposal.


NEXT MEETING:   The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Martinsville Plan Commission will be at 7:00 PM, Tuesday, May 24, 2022.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned with a motion made by Troy Swan, seconded by Rachel Tuttle, and passed unanimously.