Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority Meeting Minutes – April 20, 2022



Commissioner G. Thomas Gray called to order the regular scheduled meeting of the Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, in the Council Chambers of Martinsville City Hall.


Commissioner Gray conducted the roll call. The following were present: G. Thomas Gray, Board
Commissioner; Dwayne Metcalf, Board Commissioner; Mike Lanam, Board Commissioner; Bob Strader, Building Inspector; Dale Coffey, Board Attorney; Mae Cooper, Administrative Assistant to the Building Inspector; Mac Dunn, City Superintendent; Phil Vaught, Code Enforcement Officer.


A motion to approve the minutes from the March 16, 2022 meeting was made by Commissioner Lanam and seconded by Commissioner Gray. Motion passed 3 – 0


240 Vandalia Ave: Jake Thacker, Tim Thacker, and Mike Thacker were present for the meeting. Jake Thacker spoke to the Commissioners. He explained they are waiting for “Jack and the Boys Custom Homes” to look at the house to determine whether it can be remodeled or should be taken down. The structure is boarded up and there are security cameras and a gate. The Commissioners asked Mr. Thacker to contact Inspector Strader on or before August 18, 2022 to let him know what their plans are.

339 N. Main St: Katherine Satter, owner of the property, spoke to the Commissioners. The garage attached to the rear of the house is settling causing the structure to lean. It appears the foundation on the east side has deteriorated. Ms. Satter agreed to contact a contractor to look at repairing it. The Commissioners will monitor.

190-190 ½ – 192 W Harrison St: Ceceila Krefft, owner of the property, reported she had a structural engineer and another company look at the structures but has not yet received a report from them. She stated she has not had an opportunity to read the minutes from the last meeting. For these reasons, Ms. Krefft asked for a continuance of the hearing. Commissioner Gray asked Ms. Krefft if she would allow Inspector Strader and a structural expert/engineer to conduct an inspection of the structures on the property. Ms. Krefft agreed to allow access to the property for the inspection with a three-day advance notice of the inspection. Commissioner Gray made a motion to stay the order to demolish, allow a continuance until May 18, 2022 to give Ms. Krefft time to receive her engineers’ reports, to obtain a structural expert/engineer, and to give Ms. Krefft three days advance notice to inspect the structures and submit a report to the Unsafe Building and Hearing Authority. Commissioner Metcalf seconded the motion. Motion passed 3 – 0


  • A) 190, 190 ½, 192 W. Harrison St: See “Public Discussion
  • B) 240 Vandalia St: See “Public Discussion”
  • C) 339 N. Main St: See “Public Discussion”
  • D) 485 N. Grant St: The property has been sold. Off the list.
  • E) 389 N. Main St: The property is pending sale.
  • F) 210 W. Cunningham St: The storage building has been repaired and new siding has been installed. Off the list.
  • G) 190 W. Washington St: Repairs have been made to the garage in the back of the property. Off the list.
  • H) 400 N. Sycamore St: The large tree limb has been removed from the lean-to attached to the garage; however, the lean-to still needs to be repaired. Attorney Coffey will contact the owner’s daughter.
  • I) 520 W. Douglas St: The missing shingles on the roof have been replaced. Off the list.


  • A) 1440 S. Catherine St: The new owner is allowing the seller to occupy the house until June. Once she has moved out, he plans to remove the house and clean up the property.
  • B) 379 W Douglas St: The house has hole in the side of the house in the attic area. Officer Vaught has not been able to find anyone at home.
  • C) 371 W. Douglas St: Officer Vaught spoke with some people who were in the yard about condition of the house. They informed him the house was in the mother’s name and she is in a long-term care facility. They are waiting for “government money and a deed” before they can make any repairs.
  • D) 690 E. South St: Nick Lafary with Lafary Group Corporation is under contract with the owner to remove the house. He has obtained a demolition permit from the Building Inspector’s office. Mr. Lafary stated owner was supposed to call him this week, but he has not heard from him. When asked if this was an unsafe building, Mr. Lafary stated that it was unsafe. Commissioner Gray made a motion to have Attorney Coffey send a letter to the owner and Commissioner Lanam seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-0

With no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Gray and seconded by Commissioner Lanam. Motion passed 3 – 0.

Minutes submitted by Mae Cooper, Administrative Assistant to the Building Inspector