Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority Meeting Minutes – August 17, 2022



Commissioner Tom Gray called to order the regular scheduled meeting of the Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 17, 2022, in the Council Chambers of Martinsville City Hall.


Commissioner Gray conducted the roll call. The following were present: G. Thomas Gray, Board Commissioner; Dwayne Metcalf, Board Commissioner; Mike Lanam, Board Commissioner; Bob Strader, Building Inspector; Dale Coffey, Board Attorney; Mae Cooper, Administrative Assistant to the Building Inspector; Phil Vaught, Code Enforcement Officer; and Kenny Costin, Mayor


A motion to approve the minutes from the June 29, 2022 meeting was made by Commissioner Metcalf and seconded by Commissioner Lanam. Motion passed 3 – 0


489 E. Walnut St: Owner Scott Burrows was present for the meeting. The Commissioners expressed their concerns about the gable end on the front of the structure that is open to the elements. Mr. Burrows explained he was recently made aware that a storm had blown away part of the wall in this area. He said it has been repaired. Mr. Burrows expressed an interest in selling the property. A list of local property investors was given to him.


A) 190, 190 ½, 192 W. Harrison St: The inspection report from the structural engineer has been received. A copy of the report was given to the owner. The report from the inspection the owner had conducted has not been received. Attorney Coffey and Inspector Strader are in the process of putting together a repair list for the house.

B) 520 W. Douglas St: Repairs are being done and siding is in the process of being installed on the house. Tabled until the September meeting.

C) 180 W. Washington St: Tabled until the September meeting.

D) 1305 Ash Court: The entire roof of the home has been covered with tarps. Some tarps have blown off. There is a window air conditioner on the front of the structure that is missing the accordion flaps and is exposing the house to outside elements through the open area in the window. The owner is deceased. Contact with surviving relatives have been unsuccessful. Attorney Coffey will check to see if an estate has been opened.

E) 209 S. Wayne St: Inspector Strader spoke with the owner and her grandson who lives with her. The overhang as well as the soffit and gutter board on the face of the house has fallen off. Inspector Strader also addressed the overgrown vegetation with the owners.

F) 489 E. Walnut St: See “Public Discussion”


A) 645 S. Ohio St: After several conversations between the owner and the UBHA Commissioners, needed repairs on the house still have not been made. Mae Cooper was instructed to send a letter to the owner along with a list of property investors.


With no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Lanam and seconded by Commissioner Metcalf. Motion passed 3 – 0.

Minutes submitted by Mae Cooper, Administrative Assistant to the Building Inspector