Unsafe Building and Hearing Authority Meeting Minutes – February 15, 2023



Commissioner Tom Gray called to order the meeting of the Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority at 7:00p.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 in the Council Chambers of Martinsville City Hall.


Commissioner Gray conducted the roll call. The following were present: G. Thomas Gray, Board Commissioner; Dwayne Metcalf, Board Commissioner; Mike Lanam, Board Commissioner; Dale Coffey,
Board Attorney; Bob Strader, Building Inspector; Phil Vaught, Code Enforcement Officer; Mae Cooper, Administrative Assistant to the Building Inspector; and Mac Dunn, City Superintendent.


A motion to approve the minutes from the January 18, 2023 meeting with one correction was made by Commissioner Metcalf and seconded by Commissioner Gray. Motion passed 3 – 0.


A) 749 Morton Ave: The owner has started removing the windows and door on the front porch of the house. Tabled until the April meeting.

B) 520 W. Douglas St: Wendi Newman and Shayna (Reyes) Johnson were in attendance and spoke with the board. Wendi and her mother Sheila Catron are now the deeded owners of the property. Wendi reported the cars sitting on the property have been removed and the glass in the door of the house has been repaired. The house is secure. Wendi and her husband plan to continue to “fix up” the house as the money comes in. A timeframe for the repair work was discussed. Inspector Strader will monitor.

C) 1305 Ash Court: Attorney Coffey filed a motion with the court to intervene on behalf of the Unsafe Building and Hearing Authority. An Administrative Warrant to inspect the structure has been issued. There may be a mortgage on the property. Co-personal representatives may be named in the deceased owner’s estate.

D) 645 S. Ohio St: Tabled until the April meeting.

E) 309 E. Morgan St: The owner has refused Inspector Strader’s request to inspect the interior of the two-story building and the small structure sitting next to it. The adjacent property owner is interested in purchasing this property.


A) 339 E. Morgan St: Letters were sent to owner about removing the mini barn in the rear of the property. Inspector Strader reported this structure has been taken down and the material is in the process of being hauled away.

B) 359 E. Morgan St: The building has been secured.

C) 60 N. Colfax St: The owner has plans to put siding on the house. He is waiting for the weather to get warmer before he starts. Tabled until the April meeting.

D) 299 E. Ambrose St: Code Enforcement Officer Vaught reported the camper/trailer in the rear of the property that was being lived in is gone. There is a lot of trash and debris in the yard, but the house appears to be secure. Officer Vaught is working on locating the owner of the property.

E) 599 N. Elliott St: The owner has sold the property. He has sixty days to remove his things that are stored in the old garage. Discussion tabled.


With no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Lanam and seconded by Commissioner Gray. Motion passed 3 – 0.