Board of Works & Safety Meeting Minutes – June 26, 2023

Board of Works and Safety, News



  • Kenny Costin Mayor
  • Kelly M. Bray, Board Member
  • John Lillywhite, Board Member
  • Rebecca J Tumey, Clerk-Treasurer
  • Ben Merida, Deputy Clerk
  • Dale Coffey, City Attorney


Mayor Costin presented the Minutes of June 12, 2023.  Board member Kelly Bray requested more detail in the Minutes.  It was agreed, going forward, more details will be included.  Board member John Lillywhite made the motion to approve the minutes.  Board member Kelly Bray seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.


Superintendent Mac Dunn announced the opening of paving bids by Troy Swan of HWC – Bids received included:

DC Construction, $1,272,805.20; E&B Paving, $1,130,110.40; Milestone Contractors, $1,142,886.00 and Wallace Construction, $1,145,625.55.  Action will occur at a future meeting.


Resolution 2023-0041 / Affirming the Need for New Housing and Affirming Sewer Fees – City Attorney Dale Coffey presented Resolution 2022-0041.  A motion to accept and approve was made by Board member John Lillywhite.  Seconding the motion was Board member Kelly Bray.  The motion passed unanimously.

Local Grind – No action.

Traffic Study / Holden Street and Northwestern Avenue –  Police Officer Ryan Manley suggested no stop sign at this time.

Request to have No Parking Signs Reinstalled on Pike Street   – A motion to re-install the “no-parking” signs on the north side of Pike Street at The Venue was made by Board member Kelly Bray.  Seconding the motion was Board member John Lillywhite.  The motion passed unanimously.  A motion to create a Street Sign Committee was made by Board member John Lillywhite.  Board member Kelly Bray seconded the .  The motion passed unanimously.