Board of Works & Safety Meeting Agenda – August 14, 2023

Board of Works and Safety, News

Call to Order

Roll Call

Consideration of the Minutes

A. Consideration of the Monday, July 24, 2023, Meeting Minutes

Mayor’s Comments

Staff Report

A. Building Inspector

New Business

A. Consideration of Amendment to Agreement – Banning Engineering
B. Consideration of Agreement for Services – Sign Regulation Amendment
C. Consideration of Agreement for Services – Parking Regulation
D. Consideration of Request for Designated Parking Spaces

a. West Columbus Street
b. East Sycamore Street

E. Consideration of Settlements in Lawsuits
F. Consideration of Agreement with the Indiana Department of Transportation
G. Consideration of Agreement for Transfer of Real Estate

Sewer Adjustment Applications

A. 1390 S. Marylin St. — $210.56
B. 389 E. South St., Apt. 2 — $158.76
C. 1040 E. Jackson St. — $273.61
D. 910 E. Garfield Ave. — $298.39
E. 1208 Tomahawk Pl. — $106.97
F. 820 S. Grant St. — $137.38
G. 1460 S. Main St. — $170.03

Next Regular Meeting

A. The next regular meeting will be on Monday, August 28, 2023, at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers