Sign Permit

  • Location of proposed sign (s): Attach a drawing or sketch of the lot or parcel with dimensions, which must show the location and size of all existing signs, including signs mounted on buildings, and the location and size of all proposed signs. Further, the drawing must show the distance from the nearest side property line to the sign and the distance from the street right-of-way line to the sign (on a corner lot the distance from both streets required). NOTE: For advertising structures a plot plan prepared by an Indiana Registered Land Surveyor in accordance with Section 3.7 of the zoning ordinance must be attached.

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf.
  • Show location and size on each on drawing.
  • Sqft - Attach drawing of each.
  • Attach drawing for each.
  • existing and proposed on lot or parcel.
  • Sqft
  • If yes, professional site plan must be attached.