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City Court is now back to regular hours. Monday through Thursday 8AM - 12PM and 1PM - 4PM. We will be closing on Fridays and will be closed noon – 1:00 PM daily for lunch. Following are the restrictions and guidelines the Court has put in place in order for the staff and defendants to be safe. Only the defendents will be allowed in the court room, with the exception of minors, attorneys, and witnesses for trials. Masks are required and social distancing will be maintained. There are several sanitizer stations. Trials start at 3:00pm. You will be allowed upstairs until that time. If you come earlier, you will be asked to remain in your car or to come back at 3:00pm.

Martinsville’s City Court serves the community by hearing cases involving infractions, misdemeanors and ordinance violations. City Court staff respects the fundamental rights of all those who appear before the Court. The staff provides fair and impartial treatment and controls avoidable delays. In return, the staff requires the respect and cooperation of all those appearing before them to ensure prompt resolution or direction of their particular situation.

Court is in session every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. on the second floor of City Hall at 59 South Jefferson Street. Trials begin at or near 3:00 p.m.

Please be aware that our City Court is a part-time court, so court personnel may not be available at your convenience. If you need to reach us, please call (765) 342-1259 or you may email the city court at and we will get back to you. Failing to contact the court is not an excuse for not appearing in court on the date given on your citation or when you bonded out of jail.

If you fail to appear, you will be charged additional late fees, a warrant may be issued for your arrest and/or you may be suspended by the BMV.

How Can We Assist You?

Do not expect our court personnel to be available at your convenience.
Court Fines: (765) 342-1259
Fees & Permits: (765) 342-6012

In Session

Every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.
Trials begin at or near 3:00 p.m.

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Payment Instructions

When paying fines, please note that no personal or business checks will be accepted and no partial payments are accepted. Money orders, certified checks or cashier checks made out to Martinsville City Court are accepted. If you are paying in person, cash is accepted, but please do not mail cash.

Fee Schedule

This schedule is a guideline and is subject to change. Any fines paid after the due/court date, is subject to a $25 late fee. You may request 1 extension. Any additional extensions will result in a onetime $25 fee being added.

Traffic Fines And Costs

Online Payments

Credit or debit cards are accepted. A convenience fee does apply.

You may also call us during regular business hours to pay by phone (765) 342-1259 or by calling (866) 480-8552.

Pay Online

Child Restraint Violations$25.00
Highway Workzone Violation$433.50
Disregarding Automatic Signal/Stop Sign$150.00
Failure To Yield Right Of Way$150.00
Passing School Bus While Loading/Unloading$300.00
All Other Moving Violations$150.00
Seat Belt Violation / Adult$25.00
Equipment Violation$150.00
Failure To Yield To Emergency Vehicle$250.00
Non Valid Registration Plate$150.00
Expired Driver’s License$150.00
Driving While Suspended – Infraction
(Possible 90 Day Suspension By BMV)
No Insurance
(Minimum 90 Day Suspension by BMV & Fines)
Notice: Fees Apply To Guilty Pleas
The above fines only apply to guilty pleas; if you plead not guilty and go to trial, fine could be higher if facts justify.

Semi-Truck Violations

Due to Federal Law – no diversion programs for CDL

Online Payments

Credit or debit cards are accepted. A convenience fee does apply.

You may also call us during regular business hours to pay by phone (765) 342-1259 or by calling (866) 480-8552.

Pay Online

Overweight: 1-5000 lbs. Over$150.00
Overweight: 5001-10,000 lbs. Over$1,000.00
Overweight: 10,001 lbs. Over$0.20 / lbs.
FMCSR – Company Violations$200.00
FMCSR – Driver Violations$200.00
Fuel Tax Permits$150.00
Other Moving Violations$150.00
Seat Belt Violations$125.00
Notice: Highway Work Zone Violations and Speeding Tickets
Highway Work Zone Violations and Speeding Tickets issued for speed of 30 mph (or more) over the posted limit MUST appear in court to discuss the option of enrolling in our deferral program. Court date is on ticket.

Deferral Program

Deferral Application

Do Not Apply For Deferred Prosecution If:

You have a current CDL (commercial driver's license)
You are under the age of 18

Apply Online

Driving while Suspended (Must get Valid on deferral)$175.00
Passing Stopped School Bus $300.00
Fail to Yield to Emergency Vehicle$250.00
Speeding in a Work Zone$433.50
Speeding in a School Zone$200.00
Reckless Driving- Infraction Only$150.00
Disregard Stop Sign or Auto Signal $150.00
Following too Closely$150.00
No Insurance (Must provide proof of insurance – on deferral) $150.00
No Valid Operator’s License$150.00
Expired Plate $150.00
False/Fictitious Registration$150.00
Equipment Violations$150.00
Operation of Off Road Vehicle on Public Highway $150.00
Possession of Paraphernalia (infraction) $150.00
Dismissed upon payment
Notice: Do Not Pay Your Ticket or Send Any Money
If applying for the deferral program, Do Not Pay Your Ticket or Send Any Money at this time. You will receive payment instructions upon approval.


You have entered a Not Guilty plea for your case before this Court. A Bench Trial has been set. The following is an explanation of procedures for a Bench Trial.

  1. If you have witness/witnesses that you want to subpoena to appear, the court will provide the subpoenas. It is your responsibility to complete the subpoena. It is also your responsibility to either send the subpoena certified mail requesting a signed receipt returned to you, have the sheriff serve he subpoena or you can hand deliver it to the witness. It is also your responsibility to hand deliver or mail signed copies of subpoena to the court 10 days before the Bench Trial.
  2. Appear for your trial prepared to present your case! A trial is not a debate.
  3. At trial the State will present their witness/witnesses and their evidence.
  4. You will have an opportunity to question the State’s witness/witnesses regarding their testimony.
  5. When the State is done, you will have an opportunity to present your witness/witnesses and your evidence.
  6. That State will have an opportunity to question your witness/witnesses on their testimony.
  7. You will then have an opportunity to give your testimony to the Judge.
  8. The State will be given an opportunity to question you on your testimony.
  9. The Judge may ask questions of your and/or the State’s witness.
  10. At the conclusion, the Judge will render his verdict.
  11. Please appear for your trial prepared to present your case.
  12. If you wish to request a continuance of your trial, each side is given one continuance. You must request this continuance at least five (5) days prior to your trial date. If you call to request a continuance the day of your trial, your request will be denied unless it is an emergency situation.

Neither the Judge, nor the Court staff, may give you legal advice on the preparation of your case. If you come to trial representing yourself, you need to be prepared to present your case.

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