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It is the mission of the Martinsville Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime and to enhance public safety while working with our community to improve the quality of life.

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Police Chief

First and foremost, we are here to serve and protect the City of Martinsville and its residents. While we are officers with specialized training, we also are members of this community, raising our families here just like so many of you.

As a part of this city, our focus is on partnering as a team with our friends, neighbors and fellow community members. Martinsville has the finest men and women in law enforcement. We strive to work with our fellow residents. Together is the operative word as we utilize our strengths and skills to make our beloved community as safe and secure as possible for everyone who lives, works and visits here. We look forward to seeing you around town. Please say hello; we’d love to talk with you!

Martinsville Officers


Curfew & Code Enforcement

Ordinance violations (e.g. vehicles improperly registered/expired/no license plates, trash placed outside too early, bulk trash items out when it’s not bulk trash week, construction materials not picked up, grass clippings blown into the street) are handled to eliminate eyesores and enhance the beautification and safety of Martinsville.

Operation Sheepdog

After-hours drug enforcement activity and saturated patrols officers do in addition to their regular duties to achieve drug, alcohol and warrant-related arrests.

Citizens Police Academy

For interested residents to learn about the various aspects of law enforcement work. Call 765-349-4900 for more details.

National Night Out

A family-friendly evening the first Tuesday in August to help build a strong police-community partnership

Coffee with a Cop

Opportunity to share informal conversations with officers over a cup of coffee.

Clothe a Child project

A year-round opportunity to donate so officers and children selected by the schools can shop together in November/December. Checks can be made payable to MPD Clothe a Child.

Dual credit partnership

With Vincennes University in partnership with Martinsville Community Schools and Martinsville police officers for a juvenile law enforcement instructional academy for MHS juniors and seniors interested in law enforcement careers.

DARE program

For fifth graders at Bell Intermediate Academy.



fraud protection presentations

Fraud protection presentations for senior citizens; call 765-349-4900 to schedule.

K9 demonstrations for students

K9 demonstrations for students; call 765-349-4900 to schedule.

free home safety visits

Free home safety visits; call 765-349-4900 to schedule.

vacation watches

Call 765-349-4900 during normal business hours to provide vacation dates and home address and officers will be made aware to provide extra patrols.

nuisance, suspected drug house

Call 765-349-4900 and the information will be shared with patrol officers to watch the area and vehicles in it.

Speed trailer

Can request trailer (has online monitoring at the Police Department) be placed in areas where speeding is suspected; call 765-349-4900 to request to be placed on the list for the trailer.

VIN inspections

vehicle inspections and hull inspections for boats are required by the BMV; stolen vehicle reports can be run. For full vehicle inspections, contact the Indiana State Police at 317-232-8262.

firearms license

To apply for a firearms license, go to the Indiana State Police Web site to start the process and follow the prompts to apply for a license to carry a firearm. You will need to bring your receipt received from this process to the MPD to complete the local process.

parking tickets

Parking tickets can be paid at the Police Department’s service window in the lobby of City Hall. The various fees are listed on the tickets.

crash/incident reports

Copies of crash/incident reports can be purchased at the information window: $10 for a crash report and $3 for an incident report.

Golf cart inspections


Must have to drive a golf cart on city streets:

  • Insurance
  • Front & Rear Lighting
  • A copy of the City ordinance
  • Brake lights
  • Slow-moving vehicle placard

Golf carts can cross, but cannot be driven on Morgan Street, South Ohio Street south of Gray Street, Main Street, Morton Avenue, and Burton Lane. Golf carts cannot be driven on or cross State Road 37 and State Road 39.

Bring insurance information and the golf cart to the Police Department during normal working hours for the inspection; yearly permits are $30.

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