Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is a 2.2 million-gallons per day design flow activated sludge plant with a peak flow of 6.8 million gallons per day. We maintain 12 lift stations located in and outside of the city limits. There are two main lift stations that send wastewater to the plant.

The wastewater enters the head works of the plant and then goes through a step screen to remove the trash from the flow. After the flow is measured through a parshall flume, grit, sand and non-organics are removed. The flow then is mixed with Return Activated Sludge (RAS) and sent to two 1.1 million-gallon aeration tanks, followed by two secondary tanks for clarification and then to UV disinfection. The effluent is released to the West Fork of the White River.

The sludge is sent to one of four 200,000 gallon-digesters and then to a two-meter belt press and the sludge cake is sent to the landfill.

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Water Treatment Plant Supervisor Phil Mclary

While wastewater treatment likely is not at the top of everyone’s interest list, it is a vital component to a well-operating community. Just think what it would be like without a highly functioning plant! I am pleased to share that our team is doing an outstanding job in not only meeting, but exceeding all the permit requirements from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM). When wastewater enters our plant’s structure, we have a 98% removal rate making us a key water quality facility for the protection of our public health.

We use micro-organisms to treat the water and UV light for disinfection. No chemicals are used so we are all about being green! Our water supply and environment are cleaner. Our team works hard every day to protect downstream users (boaters, campers) who utilize river water by making it safer and cleaner for our entire community.


  • plant tours for area students of all ages; call 765-342-2342 to schedule a tour
  • work with new businesses coming to town regarding treatment plant capacity


  • Plant Supervisor/Class III Operator Phil Mclary
  • Class I Operator Jason Selch
  • Class I Operator Chase Bentley

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