Economic Development

The City of Martinsville’s appeal has attracted a number of varied developments recently, adding to its industrial, commercial and infrastructure growth.

A Snapshot of Success

  • Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL)

    Indianapolis Power & Light (IPL) officials’ $60 million-plus capital investment in a new power plant at Eagle Valley (White River) near Martinsville will modernize power generation

  • Flaherty & Collins

    Flaherty & Collins’ $8.5 million investment in downtown Martinsville will produce The Retreat at Mineral Springs, a 38-apartment development for residents 55 years and older

  • Artesian Group LLC

    Artesian Group LLC’s purchase of more than 20 downtown buildings to be rehabbed to revitalize Martinsville’s downtown square, providing retail space on the first floors with quality apartments on the second floor

  • Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)

    Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) officials’ decision to invest $286 million over five years in Morgan County for new roads, highways and the construction of I-69 through the area, enabling Martinsville to have a strategic location on the new expanded interstate for opportunities in the manufacturing, logistics, life sciences and health/medical industries

  • Liberty Church Road

    Martinsville officials’ annexation of hundreds of acres at Liberty Church Road in preparation for I-69 growth

  • Grand Valley Boulevard & Cramertown Loop

    Martinsville officials’ planning for commercial and industrial development at Grand Valley Boulevard and Cramertown Loop (east side of I-69)

  • State Road 39 & State Road 37/I-69

    Martinsville officials’ anticipated redevelopment of State Road 39 and State Road 37/I-69

Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals Updates

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Board of Zoning Appeals Contacts

Mike LanamChairman440 E. Washington St.
Marilyn SiderewiczSecretary275 Goodnight Rd.
Katie Barnard2160 N. Blue Bluff Rd.
Ann Marvel492 Valley Dr.
Julie Presley560 Virginia St.
Dakota ScheuAttorney 40 North Main St.

Board of Zoning Appeals Calendar

january, 2020

jan28Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Meeting

Plan Commission

Planning Commission Documents

Use the online application or PDF application to submit your information for consideration.

City of Martinsville Comprehensive Plan
Zoning & Subdivision Ordinance
Martinsville Downtown Action Plan, Final Draft

This document is in PDF format. File Size: 149MB

Plan Commission Updates

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Plan Commission Contacts

Sam ReuterVice Chair185 Byram Blvd.
Marilyn SiderewiczSecretary275 Goodnight Rd.
Katie Barnard2160 N. Blue Bluff Rd.
Melanie Foley400 Bailliere Dr.
Tom Williams2205 Blue Bluff Rd.
Gary Carrell1240 Country Club Rd.
Dakota ScheuAttorney 40 North Main St.

Plan Commission Calendar

january, 2020

jan28Planning Commission Meeting

Redevelopment Commission

Redevelopment Commission Contacts

Greg McKelfreshPresident
Dair GrantVP
Alan MyersSecretary
Chip Keller
Tana Lobb
Michelle BaughMSD Representative

Redevelopment Commission Calendar

january, 2020

No Events

Additional Boards

Unsafe Building Board

Name Position
Tom Gray President
Mike Lanam Sr.
Dewanyne Metcalf
Jim WiscoeAttorney

Municipal Building Corp

Joe Lobb
Dan Fleener
Paul Prather