Council Chambers

59 S. Jefferson Street

Events at this location


jun08Redevelopment Commission Meeting

jun13Board of Works Meeting

jun13Common Council Meeting

jun14Park Board Meeting

jun15Martinsville Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority Meeting

jun27Board of Works Meeting

jun27Common Council Meeting

jun28Planning Commission Meeting


jul11Board of Works Meeting

jul11Common Council Meeting

jul12Park Board Meeting

jul13Redevelopment Commission Meeting

jul20Martinsville Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority Meeting

jul25Board of Works Meeting

jul25Common Council Meeting

jul26Planning Commission Meeting


aug08Board of Works Meeting

aug08Common Council Meeting

aug09Park Board Meeting

aug10Redevelopment Commission Meeting

aug17Martinsville Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority Meeting

aug22Board of Works Meeting

aug22Common Council Meeting

aug23Planning Commission Meeting


sep12Board of Works Meeting

sep12Common Council Meeting

sep13Park Board Meeting

sep14Redevelopment Commission Meeting

sep21Martinsville Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority Meeting

sep26Board of Works Meeting

sep26Common Council Meeting

sep27Planning Commission Meeting


oct10Board of Works Meeting

oct10Common Council Meeting

oct11Park Board Meeting

oct12Redevelopment Commission Meeting

oct19Martinsville Unsafe Building & Hearing Authority Meeting

oct24Board of Works Meeting

oct24Common Council Meeting

oct25Planning Commission Meeting